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There is a need for someone, somewhere, to publicize examples of the great variety of fossil fuel replacement applications that can, and eventually will, be powered by the world's carbon-captured fossil combined cycle and nuclear small modular reactors (SMRs).
This web site is a start.

Stopping Climate Change
OBJECTIVE:  Electrify everything possible, replace oil and natural gas fuels with equivalent CO2-neutral Cellulosic Biosynfuels

HOW?   The world's oil industry has the ability - Science, Equipment, and People.

  The Clean Energy Park:

Equipment Details.   1 Unneeded Coal Power Plant Site  2 Re-equipping A Clean Energy Park  3 Power Plant Choices  4 Hydrogen Generator  5 Biomass Preparation Equipment  6 Plasma Torch Gasifier  7 GTL Refinery  8 Fuels Description
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Site Facilities:   
 1  Unneeded Coal Power Plant Site      2  Engineering The Re-equipping Of A Clean Energy Park    2.1  Pilot & Prototype Power Plants    2a Pilot Plant      2b Prototype Plant      2c Final Design Plant       
Power Plant:       3  Power Plant Choices    3a Stand-alone Full Site Carbon Capture Plant    Fossil?    3b  Natural Gas    3c Oil Hybrid CO2    Nuclear?    3d  General Atomics 1,560F    3e  NuScale 550F    3f  ThorCon 1,300F    3g  Terrestrial  1,300F 
Fuel Feedstock:  4  Hydrogen Generator      5  Biomass Preparation      6  Plasma Torch Biomass Gasifier     
Refinery:             7  Biosynfuel Refinery      7a Skyscrubber      8 Biosynthetic Fuels     
8a Cellulosic E85 BioEthanol     8b Cellulosic M70 BioMethanol     8c Cellulosic BioJet & BioDiesel     8d Green Hydrogen


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