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There is a need for someone, somewhere, to publicize examples of the great variety of fossil fuel replacement applications that can, and eventually will, be powered by the world's carbon-captured fossil power plants. This web site is a start.

Stopping Climate Change. Nothing else matters.

HOW?:  Electrify everything possible with Allam fossil electricity. Stop burning biomass to make electricity. Use biomass to replace oil and natural gas fuels with equivalent net-zero CO2 Biosynfuels.

Equipment Pages  >  1 Introduction  2 Engineering  3 Biomass and its Preparation  4 Plasma Torch Gasifier  5 Allam BECCS Power Plant  6 Captured CO2 Disposal Well  7 (Optional) Clean Liquid Vehicle Fuels

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>   Mankind's last chance to stop a Climate Change crisis was at 2:45 PM, on December 8, 1953. --- Environmentalism's Nuclear Disaster      Beyond Fossil Fuels 

Nuclear:                     ThorCon - The nuclear Ace up our sleeves.