Chapter 1.2.2:  Replacing Oil
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Job 2. Replacing Oil.

Oil and natural gas are closely related.  Their molecules resemble each other.


Here is what this this web site is suggesting:

Natural gas will be the last fossil fuel to be turned off. The immediate concern is managing CO2 emissions of vehicle fuels. In the near future we can expect to see biosynfuels manufactured using carbon captured heat, both natural gas (because it is the easiest to carbon capture) and carbon captured depleted unrefined oil field oil (because it promises to be cheaper)

In the future, heat for bio

synfuels will come from advanced small modular nuclear reactors because they make no CO2 emissions and, under the right circumstances, their heat can be 2,000 times cheaper than coal. Never underestimate the power of price.

Please check out the two links above.


How carbon dioxide (CO2) from oil-burning power turbines can be used to flush out abandoned trapped oil in depleted oil fields.


Since depleted oilfields are everywhere, carbon captured oil energy to make biomass synfuel oil and gas is everywhere.







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