NuScale or ThorCon



The New Advanced Nuclear Reactors

NEAR TERM   3a  NuScale Underground Nuclear Reactor             FUTURE   3b  ThorCon Underground Nuclear Reactor                                                                             

Or, for the Pilot Energy Park

Use the Existing Coal Plant Grid Connection Substation In Reverse to get Electricity to Power the new Pilot Energy Park

50 megaWatts - Should be enough electricity for a pilot Energy Park. 

NuScale is a U.S. Light Water Reactor (LWR) (conventional reactor), 50 megaWatt Extra Safe "Bridge" Reactor.  
ThorCon, U.S. company, 250 megaWatt modules to be fabricated in Korean automated shipyard, assembled and run in Indonesia, is based on the 1965 8 megaWatt Oak Ridge Molten Salt that ran uneventfully for about 5 years.