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It is possible the world's oil companies could simply phase in biosynfuels to replace fossil oil, the future's major source of Climate Change.
(Oil companies phase different fuels in and out constantly.  Think no-lead gasoline, E-85 ethanol, biodiesel, etc.)  (Various Fuels.)
Biosynfuels, plus nuclear electricity, would sidestep the time and cost needed to stop Climate Change by any other means.
The prerequisite for this scenario would be the availability of thousands of very hot, very cheap, and very small nuclear reactors.


The above chart says you must end 100% oil, + 100% coal, + 100% natural gas burning to end only 57% of Climate Change.
To break even we will have to capture and sequester about 160 million tons of CO2, methane, and NOx every day.

Fighting Climate Change without nuclear energy is like
boxing with one hand tied behind your back.

Below: This chart shows that even after 20 years of growth, wind and solar remain a tiny part of the electricity picture.
It's high time we go after fossil fuels with nuclear.  Oil and Natural gas can be replaced with nuclear biosynfuels.









Disclaimer: This web site is energy talk by an engineer exploring Climate Change's educational concepts, not professional engineering advice.


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