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Your author: James P Holm is a Registered Professional Control System Engineer (CA). email:   jimmarilynholm   40 year work career included being a member of 2 coal and 1 nuclear power plant engineering teams, also an electrical/electronic systems engineer for 28 years with a major pharmaceutical firm, last 15 years as an engineering consultant.

Worked 1959 & 1960 as an electrical engineering intern making control room instrumentation wiring diagrams for the Monroe, Michigan, Fermi One, a 69 megawatt (electrical) liquid metallic sodium-cooled fast neutron reactor.

I've been fortunate to be able to spend 25 retirement years exploring the technologies associated with mitigating Climate Change.

This website is a retiree's hobby, picking away at it much like a model railroad. The website software itself - a Microsoft Office 'FrontPage 2003' software application running in FTP mode - is being used by your author more or less as a word processor that also enables graphic-detail-intensive image editing.

The author's patents: 3,588,355 Point-Source Stereophonic Loudspeaker Array - 3,734,663 Automatic Tablet Compressing Machine Controller (TPM) - 4,044,227 TV-Based Bar Code Reader - 4,172,524 TV-Based Liquid Inspection Machine - were from work-related activities many years ago.



Honeywell Alpha-3000 System Building Data Gathering Panels, about 1975.  It used the IMP-16 microcomputer. 
At that time, this company had 3 major campuses with over 200 buildings and 20,000 employees.

A much-used Pharmaceutical Tablet Pressure Machine Controller (TPM), invented Fall, 1979, never obsoleted, being offered for sale in Spring, 2021, for $550.


At the root of it all: Life is better when you add heat.