Why Natural Gas Matters
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    Why Natural Gas Matters

Natural gas is the last stop on combustion's fossil fuel highway. 
Wood is the worst fuel for CO2 but is the ONLY common hydrocarbon that is carbon-neutral.  Hydrogen is a CO2-free combustion fuel.

Coal is being phased out in favor of natural gas in the United States and in much of Europe.
Natural Gas - Combined Cycle plant electricity CO2 = 737 lbs per megaWatt-hour  
Coal - Advanced Pulverized Coal plant electricity CO2 = 1,813 lbs per megaWatt-hour
Biomass Municipal Solid Waste plant electricity CO2 = 3,600 lbs per megaWatt-hour

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By shipping liquefied natural gas to coal-burning countries that have none, U.S. CO2 reductions can be achieved worldwide.
By the time the world runs out of natural gas, next generation advanced nuclear - which should cost less than gas - should be commonplace.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tanker

Where the natural gas you use to make your electricity, heat your house, cook your food, comes from.


What is a natural gas Combined Cycle power plant?

Natural gas powered Combined Cycle (Jet Engine + Steam Turbine) power plants produce electricity with 40% the CO2 emissions
and TWICE the efficiency of a coal powered steam plant.  They are quick enough to fill in for wind's lulls and solar's clouds.
They are the main reason for the recent reduction in U.S. CO2 emissions - not windmills and solar cells.


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