4. Cooling Our Planet with Geoengineering
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Cooling Our Planet with Geoengineering

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Mount Pinatubo:

This very large stratospheric injection resulted in a reduction in the normal amount of sunlight reaching the Earth's surface by roughly 10% (see figure). This led to a decrease in Northern Hemisphere average temperatures of 0.50.6 C (0.91.1 F) and a global fall of about 0.4 C (0.7 F).[20][21] At the same time, the temperature in the stratosphere rose to several degrees higher than normal, due to absorption of radiation by the aerosol. The stratospheric cloud from the eruption persisted in the atmosphere for three years after the eruption. While not directly responsible, the eruption may have played a part in the formation of the 1993 Storm of the Century.[22]