3f,  Terrestrial Energy Underground Reactor
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Site Facilities:     1  Unneeded Old Coal Power Plant      2  New Power Plant Building       
Power Plant:       3  Power Plant Choices      3a  Pilot Plant Power Drop      3b  Carbon Capture Power     REACTORS:    3c  GA 1,560F     3d  NuScale 550F     3e  ThorCon 1,300F     3f  Terrestrial  1,300F 

Fuel Feedstock:  4  Hydrogen and Steam Generators      5  Biomass Preparation      6  Plasma Torch Biomass Gasifier     
Refinery:             7  Biosynfuel Refinery      8 Biosynthetic Fuels     
8a Cellulosic E85 BioEthanol     8b Cellulosic M70 BioMethanol     8c Cellulosic BioDiesel     8d Green Hydrogen

Terrestrial Energy: A 190 megaWatt(e) Underground Molten Salt Reactor 


Exchangeable Terrestrial Energy 190 megaWatt(e) Integral Molten Salt Reactor's major components showing suggested applications.
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