3e  General Atomics
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1  Unneeded Old Coal Power Plant      2  New Electricity Generator Building       
3  Power Plant Choices      3a  Pilot Plant Power      3b  Carbon Capture Power      3c  NuScale Nuclear Reactor      3d  ThorCon Nuclear Reactor      3e  General Atomics Nuclear Reactor

4  Hydrogen and Steam Generators      5  Biomass Preparation      6  Plasma Torch Biomass Gasifier     
7  Biosynfuel Refinery      8 Biosynthetic Fuels      8a Fuel Ethanol     8b Fuel Methanol     8c Fuel Hydrogen

General Atomics 

All equipment, including the electricity generator, are attached together in exchangeable underground modules with rooms attached to both ends.


Industrial Configuration to mass-produce electricity and very hot heat for hydrogen gas to power California's transportation and industrial energy needs.


Factory produced means higher quality control, lower cost, quicker plant build times.