3b  Carbon Captured Power Plant
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Carbon Captured Power Plant
(Pairs of 250 megaWatt(e) electricity generators, plus very high temperature steam or solar salt heat is possible from the two heat recovery steam generators. Custom design them for the temperatures you need.)
Unlikely you'll want to use the steam turbine electricity generator in a Clean Energy Park environment. Just delete it and use the heat for carbon capture's reboiler and process heat.

Not all the modern studies of Molten Salt Reactor component behavior have been completed yet and it would be relatively easy, quicker, and far less costly to get an
equally or more powerful natural gas powered carbon captured combined cycle gas turbine package unit with natural gas exhaust carbon capture columns and CO2 compressors added.
It must be pointed out that natural gas turbine exhausts have substantially less CO2 per cubic meter to capture than coal so the carbon capture columns are going to be big sheet metal silos.
Also, the steam turbine+electricity generator would be deleted and the Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) become Heat Recovery Solar Salt Heaters (HRSSH) for process heat transport instead.

A good professional - not academic - introduction to the basics of carbon capture:   Carbon Capture Overview (3).pdf 



A classic combined cycle package natural gas/biofuel oil aeroderivative gas turbine power plant that could supply substantial electricity and solar salt process heat by adding a carbon capture system powered by heat recovery heat exchangers equipped with natural gas/oil duct burners.

These aeroderivative gas turbines are used the world over these days to smooth out the lulling and surging electricity being fed into large electrical grids by wind and solar systems. Think about how fast the jet engine's power surge comes on when taking off in a jet airplane.  Jet engine powered Clean Energy Parks will be able to provide the same service to regional wind farms and solar gardens. And charge a pretty penny for the supplementary electricity providing that service.



Flue gas carbon capture equipment in greater detail.



Some of Southwest Michigan's unneeded coal power plants (think B.C. Cobb) are sitting directly above some of the world's best CO2 sequestration strata.
All the plant needs to do to dispose of CO2 is to drill straight down several thousand feet to make a CO2 disposal well. 

Known global CO2 disposal locations.



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This facility is clearly defined by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, local and national building and electrical codes, and supplemented by constraints from the relevant equipment manufacturers.

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