2  New Electricity Generator Building
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Site Facilities:     1  Unneeded Old Coal Power Plant      2  New Electricity Generator Building       
Power Plant:       3  Power Plant Choices      3a  Pilot Plant Power Drop      3b  Carbon Capture Power     REACTORS:     3c  NuScale 550F     3d  ThorCon 1,300F     3e  Terrestrial  1,300F     3f  GA 1,560F

Fuel Feedstock:  4  Hydrogen and Steam Generators      5  Biomass Preparation      6  Plasma Torch Biomass Gasifier     
Refinery:             7  Biosynfuel Refinery      8 Biosynthetic Fuels     
8a Cellulosic E85 BioEthanol     8b Cellulosic M70 BioMethanol     8c Cellulosic BioDiesel     8d Fuel Hydrogen

New Electricity Generator Building


The coal power plant the author has in mind is a relatively new small single 50 megaWatt unit located in a rural portion of a Northern Midwest state.



Few coal power plants are as dirty and as ugly as environmentalists like to portray.


Footnotes & Links

Generator buildings are clearly defined by local and national building and electrical codes, supplemented by constraints from the relevant equipment manufacturers, and, in the case of powering the electric generators from a nuclear reactor, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

At first, your author thought that simply converting coal burning boilers to submarine-like steam generators would be a fast and cheap way to decarbonize the generation of electricity. 

Not so, as this paper points out:  The Hook-ons.pdf   



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