100 million tons of fossil fuel CO2 emissions PER DAY have to be stopped to stop Climate Change's growth.  THEN we can begin REVERSING Climate Change.

Why This Website?          Nuclear-Hydrogen-Biomass System - Slides - Dr Charles W. Forsberg .pdf  - Quick slide show explanation.

The abstract cheaper, cleaner fuels idea sketched above is shown below using proven modern industrial equipment.
Whichever energy you want, whenever you want it, in whatever volumes you want. ---- A combination of clean energy producing technologies for stopping Climate Change's growth. The key is exploiting nuclear's far cheaper raw heat.

Mass production of Energy Parks should bring substantial reductions in cost along with improved performance and reliability. Think mass produced airplanes and ships. Clean Energy Parks have more hooks on them than a fishing lure.
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(Plasma torches break matter down into it's basic atoms.  Although rare on earth, plasma, (think lightning and Star Trek weapons), it is the fourth state of matter. Plasma is the most common form of matter in space.)
It's unrealistic to think liquid fossil fuels - oil and natural gas - can be completely replaced by carbon-neutral cellulosic fuels - perhaps 80% is more realistic. Nuclear will replace most coal, electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cells will replace some oil and gas fuels.

Would it be worth living with nuclear's problems if that's what it took to end Climate Change's problems? Climate Change cannot be stopped without enlisting nuclear. 
Of the $556.7 million green-leaning foundations spent from 2011-15, not a single grant supported work on promoting or reducing the cost of nuclear energy
This website is based upon the understanding that fossil fuels will always be preferred as long as clean energy fuels are more expensive. Nuclear is the only key to making cheap clean fuels.
Nuclear will soon be everywhere like jet engines. Trump has torn the U.S.' "Nuclear Umbrella" protection promise to tatters. At least 50 more countries now don't trust the U.S. and have outlined both nuclear power and weapons programs in their development budgets.
The world also has perhaps 200 thousand stationary diesel engines in the 2,000 and under horsepower class cranking out electricity and pumping water in rural locations. A swarm of tiny nuclear reactors are being developed to replace these oil-burners.
So the world would be very prudent to advocate using thorium denatured uranium (you can't make weapons from this blend) to build molten salt nuclear reactors to fight, - and possibly stop - Climate Change.  MSR - Denatured.pdf    MSR - Denatured DMSR Fuel Costs.jpg

Those of you old enough to recall the island-hopping strategy used against the Japanese in the war in the Pacific will recognize that converting thousands of existing coal power plants into Clean Energy Parks is a similar strategic choking assault against Climate Change.

To stop Climate Change: Electrify everything possible, use cheap, clean non-fossil fuels to provide all other energy needs.


(Below) U.S. Coal Power Plant Shutdown Schedule.  Red - 2000 to 2014, Yellow - 2014 to 2050.
The entire world is covered with similar coal power plant sites about to be shut down either due to emissions or worn out. We couldn't be more fortunate. 

There are about 50,000 more or less identical coal power plant sites worldwide that could make clean energy manufacturing locations.
No magic to tripling a coal power plant site's power output. Just install a three or more times as powerful and much smaller modular molten salt reactor (SMR) adjacent to the old coal power plant.

Lights = Cities = As many as a dozen coal power plants for each light.                                          Gasification Facilities 

Decarbonizing the world pronto means mass producing the new, small, higher temperature nuclear reactors by the thousands shipyard style and locating them everywhere on the world's existing coal power plant site properties as a way to end coal burning and begin the manufacture of carbon-neutral cellulosic oil and natural gas combustion fuels quickly.

Already, there are over 50 different baby nuclear reactors incubating in technology's development nest. You're bound to find several you like. The three I point out on this website are all very different, yet all very desirable for different applications such as producing electricity, extreme heat, hydrogen, desalinated water, carbon-neutral combustion fuels.


"Nothing in life is more liberating than to fight for a cause larger than yourself, something that encompasses you but is not defined by your existence alone" - John McCain.
It's unlikely your author will be around long enough - or have a sufficiently broad span of knowledge - to complete this website, but I'll probably keep picking at it for a while longer.

"Technological fixes are often far simpler, and therefore cheaper, than the doomsayers could have imagined." -  ( From Foreword )


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Disclaimer: This website is energy talk by an engineer exploring Climate Change's energy concepts and opportunities, not professional engineering advice.


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