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A fossil fuel power plant engineered to end the growth of Climate Change.

This could be the dawn of the Second Fossil Fuel Age.

A Disruptive Technology: It appears stopping Climate Change's growth before the end of this century has become a distinct possibility. A leading chemical engineer, Rodney Allam, has come up with a new fossil-fuel thermodynamic cycle power plant engine intended to end Climate Change.  A 1/10th size pilot plant has been constructed in LaPorte, Texas (near Houston) and was connected to the electrical grid last October. As far as I know, so far, so good.

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Once fossil fuel CO2 addition to the air is halted by substituting the use of environmentally safe carbon-neutral renewable fuels instead of fossil fuels, CO2 subtraction from the air can begin with the goal of eventually restoring the air to the way it was before the beginning of the first fossil fuel age.   


HOW?:  Electrify everything possible, replace oil and natural gas fuels with equivalent Net Zero CO2 Renewable Biosynfuels
WHO?:  The world's oil industry has the abilities - Science, Resources, Equipment, Infrastructure, and Motivated People.

Here Is How The Allam Cycle Power Plant Could Be Used To Achieve Global Net Zero CO2 Emissions

Step #1: Stopping Climate Change's relentless 100 million-ton-per-day CO2 growth by phasing out all fossil fuel open air burning and instead manufacture Waste-to-Energy Zero Net CO2 Fuels that can be open-air burned.  
Step #2:
Once we stop adding fossil fuel CO2 to the air, then we can begin to suck the excess CO2 - beyond the 270 ppm CO2 essential for a normal climate - back out of the air to restore our climate to near-normal.


The United States has the technological potential to offset roughly only a decade’s worth of its current CO2 emissions through biological sequestration (i.e., planting trees, etc.,) but a few hundred years’ worth of emissions through carbon dioxide capture and sequestration. - Congressional Budget Office "The Potential for Carbon Sequestration in the United States, 2007". 
Storing CO2 underground can be a dangerous activity and is only legally done under the supervision of government geological permitting agencies.

Fossil electricity produces about 25% of our fossil fuel CO2 emissions.  The Renewable Fuel Factory below is designed to end 100% of our fossil fuel CO2 emissions.

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The end-user would continue to use the same or similar fires and other "Drop-In" energies supplied through existing distribution networks.

We need about 10,000 Fuel Factories immediately to head off the worst of Climate Change.  Like cars, airplanes, and ships, Fuel Factories would be modular in design similar to today's electricity power plants. Ten or even 20 fuel factory modules could be located at a single large fuel factory. Such modularity is an economic advantage in quite a few ways. For example, you can run different products on different modules at the same time, varying the numbers of modules making the same product to mesh with current market needs. The quality and reliability of factory-built modules of anything is hard to beat. 

There are almost unlimited opportunities for completely new greenfield Fuel Factories now that prime underground strata for CCS CO2 disposal locations have been identified enabling cheap straight-down CO2 disposal via disposal wells located on site property. No need for a costly national CO2 disposal grid that may take 20 to 40 years to complete due to obstruction by environmentalists.


The United States has the technological potential to offset roughly only a decade’s worth of its current CO2 emissions through biological sequestration (i.e., planting trees, etc.,) but a few hundred years’ worth of emissions through carbon dioxide capture and sequestration. - Congressional Budget Office "The Potential for Carbon Sequestration in the United States, 2007". 
Storing CO2 underground can be a dangerous activity and is only be done under the supervision of government geological permitting agencies.

Map Showing U.S. UNDERGROUND CARBON CAPTURE STORAGE STRATA LOCATIONS           Energy + Hydrogen + Biomass System - (pdf Slide Show) - Dr Charles W. Forsberg


The other key technologies for producing OPEN-AIR-BURNABLE waste-to-energy renewable fuels.

1.  is offering the technology for a small version of a renewable plasma gasified waste-to-fuel factory now. 
Also, check out plasma gasifier manufacturer AlterNRG:
Shell Pearl: The world's largest fossil Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) refinery 


Information about the government's different Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Acts
(Courtesy of Climate Change Working Group):

First, here's a link to the bill itself: 
Second, for anyone without the time or interest to read the entire bill, a link to a "road map" of the bill's contents, so the most relevant sections can be found with some ease: 
Third, here's a link to Citizen's Climate Lobby's website about the bill, which also allows a reader to see who has already endorsed the bill and what the press is saying about it. It includes an endorsement tool: 
Finally, for anyone wanting to compare this bill to other carbon pricing bills, an assessment that compares this bill (sponsored by Rep. Ted Deutch of Florida and therefore called the Deutch bill in the analysis) to others:

All these carbon tax fees raise a very serious question:
Q. How much per ton of CO2 is going to be refunded by the government to the operators of the above fuel factories to establish and operate a carbon dioxide disposal well on their own property?

A. Deutch bill: This section amends the Tax Code (Title 26) by adding the following subsections: Subtitle L - "Carbon Dividends and Carbon Fee", Sec. 9906 - Carbon Capture and Sequestration:

"Provides a refund of Carbon Fee paid when qualified carbon dioxide is captured and sequestered in a safe and permanent manner. Requires establishment of sound criteria for safe and permanent sequestration. Only CO2 from covered fuels, and only rebate for amount likely to remain sequestered."

- - - In the United States there are now 2 big carbon capture incentives: A recently expanded federal tax credit for captured CO2 and California’s new law requiring 100% of its electricity come from carbon-free sources by 2045.




                             2016_billion_ton_report_12.2.16_0.pdf (400+ Pages)                                          Methanol - The Basic Chemical and Energy Feedstock of the Future.pdf


The opportunities to reequip our liquid fuels industries with climate-neutral biomass waste-to-fuel energies.


Our Climate Change Outlook


So, by adding or removing air's CO2, we can set the world's thermostat wherever we like. . . . . .
The CO2 in the air acts like a blanket - the more CO2, the thicker the blanket. Taking CO2 out of the air is like taking a blanket off your bed - you feel the change quickly. More heat in the air makes summer storms more powerful.


Recycling air's CO2 carbon into cheap, clean fuels - using standard industrial equipment to assemble GTL fuel molecules [ GTL ] from gasified biomass to make CO2-neutral fuels.
The big win is that we change only the fuels, not everything in the world that uses fuels.  Much quicker and cheaper.  For the average person, we won't have to buy electric cars, electric heat pumps to heat our water, rebuild our houses, we can keep air travel and our current lifestyles.



"Technological fixes are often far simpler, and therefore cheaper, than the doomsayers could have imagined." -  ( From Prologue )

The objective of this website is to communicate that the Climate Change crisis resembles the horseshit crisis described in the Prologue's story. 
The fun part of watching the Climate Change scene is using an old engineer's insight to figure out what is most inevitable at any given time.

You have seen what the world's first fast-track Climate Change mitigation web site has to offer. 
There must be smarter folks out there with even better ideas.  Let's see them!

I'm not in this Climate Change stuff because I have green genes. I've been through much the same before in the late 1960s fighting in the battles of the smog wars brought on by the originator of the "Clean Air Act", Republican President Richard Milhous Nixon.

Today's Greenies who are talking about adding batteries to cars and windmills to national electricity grids have no idea of the problems they are advocating. As a young electronics engineering graduate I was working for an automotive test instrument manufacturer contracting to Delco Division of General Motors. We were trying to get everything from Chevrolets to Cadillacs to walk the narrow path of clean air. Catalytic converters that gave cars asthma, exhaust gas recirculation systems, air injection systems, oxygen sensors, and a dozen other then-new and unproven devices that screwed up how cars ran, gave small cars 9 miles-per-gallon gas mileage, and caused more than a few drivers to be killed when they pulled into fast traffic with asthmatic cars that died when floored, were added to every new American car just so a few cars wouldn't smog up one tiny chunk of America - the Los Angles basin. A rational explanation for California's irrational green ethic.

I'm here because I was in the Smog Struggles along with thousands of other technicals and I observed how modern technological mistakes can be corrected. Almost all Greenies lack that experience and haven't read about the technical aspects of the Smog Struggles.  They just beg for climate justice.

In the end, switching from leaded to unleaded gasoline made several major improvements happen immediately and made a flock of later tweaks practical. I think doing much the same now - switching from fossil CO2 fuels to carbon-neutral renewable fuels, then adjusting the CO2 mass remaining in the air will eventually stop Climate Change.

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  Disclaimer: This website is energy talk by an engineer exploring Climate Change's opportunities for creating a clean combustion fuel future - not professional engineering advice.